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China Creative Company (C3) is een buro voor productontwikkeling gevestigd in China & Vietnam. 

Click here if you are in need of PolyUrethane duplication of 3d models PU casting

Vacuum casting is the same as PU duplication with silicone moulds

rapid prototyping consultancy and check rapid prototyping models

Besides industrial design engineering triple-c delivers prototype models and quick mould making such as  rapid tooling , within 2 weeks we can make duplicates of a cnc machined master model with the help of silicone moulds. With this method we can make per mould around 20-25 duplicates of your design idea. If casting silicone, a SLA or CNC milled master pattern set is used as the core product  and silicone is cast directly around the master patterns.



Contract manufacturing:

Triple-c is also engaged in contract manufacturing in China and Vietnam;

One of our specialties is designing plastic parts and tooldesign. Creating quality tools for small, medium or large series injection molded parts.