From April 2014 we opened an office in Utrecht;


We are still have an QC office in China .

Would you like know more about our new product development and design engineering services please chat or skype with one or our design managers.

Currently we are involved in the designing engineering of a new sun tanning system.

We made new sketches of a tanning system that  will be used in a professional studio's after we executed a market and competitor's analysis.


Welcome in the land of the "Honda dream"

We are always in search for real Vietnamese products...and we found them; Of course the first with a honorable mention is the  Honda Dream. In Vietnamese they call  it  Xe Om, or literally Bike Hug.

What is that all about.?

The Honda dream is a motorbike with usually a 100 cc or 125 cc Motor, that you can find from SAPA in the north,  to the utter south , at Vung Quoq island..

Honda Vietnam Co., Ltd. (HVN), is manufacturing 2 million motorbikes a year to feed the growing demand. As Vietnamese still have a low income , the first real "dream' is a Honda. They make such as mouldplastic many diecasted and injection molded parts for motorbikes.

So will vietnam become the new CHina?


Cause of Chinese rising cost, and especially labor cost, Vietnam will be a new destination for large companies. Bloomberg calls this the new powerhouse.

Vietnam has an enormous young population willing to work and go for it: and besides that energy; the wages are very low compared to China ( 1/3 of Chinese salaries)

Many overseas US Vietnamese see investment opportunities open SME business in Ho Chi Minh.

We already seen huge investments of large companies in assembly factories for IC, electronics.

Nike has at least 10 factories in Vietnam.

Vietnam is also famous for it's wooden products: rubber wooden forest, bamboo plant ages are numerous in Vietnam. After giving tons of rubber rubber trees will be forested and the trees are made for planks for wooden toys such as IDA's lucotoys; ( see ere our Dutch website)

Find more information about Vietnam manufacturing on this page.