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NPD in china


China, the sleeping giant has awakened and has taken the world by storm through their new products. From small items like food into big ticket products such as machines, cars and even airplaines, China has it marks. New product development in China has come a long way. This article offers some reasons why China made a great leap in new product development.


Long ago, it was a dream of Chinese Leader Mao Zedong to modernized and industrialized China rapidly however; it wasn’t successful as millions of people died when the country was struck by famine. But, his dream was becoming a reality little by little as China has begun its transformation after half of the century.

Nowadays, new product development in China had been market in worldwide as Chinese companies producing such items made great steps without having to rely on Western organizations. With the increasing number of technically talented and literate Chinese, embarking on the production of sophisticated projects had become easier for the country. Aside from that, the increase number of China’s population demanded more sophistication of services and products at the same time. Therefore, the development of China’s new product development is more on addressing the needs of their people which later turned into worldwide market servicing people all over the world.

However, the edification of new products in China didn’t come easy as the country also faced a lot of challenges to make it possible. Initially, the focus of most manufacturers in China is responding to the demand of the growing country as well as providing supply to market outside China irrespective of the struggles they have to face.

One challenge that China has to face is the pollution of Air and water in the country. It may not sound related but it actually is because Chinese workers are affected leading to decrease of productivity. Also, factories used in NPD can contribute more to the pollution.

Rapid economic growth is also a challenge to China because it facilitates increase expectations wherein workers demanded suitable living conditions as well as increase in salary thus, questioning the capability of the Chinese government to meet such expectations.

Another challenge that the country has to face is the demand of new product development in China itself. Like in all developing countries with high population, it is apparent that the demand for new products is also high. To show the progress of China in terms of population can be showed through the development of Shenzhen. 25 years ago, there were only about 75,000 but nowadays, the population is even larger than the Big Apple.

Another thing is the economic challenges as well as governmental that comes with increase in population in a way that the nature of the new products to be developed should consider the style and type. Hence, it is crucial to ensure that products do not only respond to the demands but suits the taste of the target market as well.

Although China had been encountering some challenges, it still continued to rise up. Even surpassing countries more advance than them in terms of new products and services.


New product development in China has been pretty challenging considering the aforementioned trials it has to overcome. but it didn’t stop the country from being one of the most industrialized country today, providing variety of products to the world.

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