An example in our portfolio is a simple Heineken glass:

Industrial Design Asia has design engineered a simple glass for Heineken. Given a 2d sketch from our customer, Hypsos NV, we designed quickly a 3D CAD model in NX. The next step was the NC programming and CNC machining ( a subtractive manufacturing technologyl) this glass out of a solid block of PMMA,  Within a week some fancy models have been made .





Triple-c design provides 3d cad engineering with Solidworks or/and UG and reverse engineering , 2d to 3d cad product design and prototyping as we have seen in the project described here above.

We believe that prototyping in an early phase of the development process is important  and therefore we have started a very close co-operation with China Rapid Prototyping.

Please check hereunder our other portfolio pictures.

Furthermore after prototype phase we have the capabilities to design injection, stamping molds for our customers