Industrial Design Asia has design engineered  this high quality Design Item "Off the Hook". Inside this cool looking phone you can put your standard Nokia. You can always find your mobile and it is easy to hold. The phone had to be opened and closed easily, but should also be drop-resistant. The Nokia phone is easy to position and can be pushed out with a special feature. We enjoyed working on this project.




Our company provide innovation consultancy , based on the "University of Delft method" and based on our experience working within Philips, for other multinationals such SC Johnson Optinvent  and working with small and large enterprises.

Furthermore we provide design, hand-sketching and ideation services. ( stageof-art)

Product engineering for plastics parts and 3d CAD (either Solidworks, NX or Rhino ) is one of our core competences. We have engineered complex products such as electrical shavers, alarms, Led lights for the mining industry and baby-seats. Design engineering plastic, metal and aluminum products.

We believe that prototyping in an early phase of the development process is important and therefore we have started a very close co-operation with China Rapid Prototyping.

Another service we provide is to assist you in total brand and product development;

We develop a brand , brand experience, based on new customer needs and a product that fist into this brand. This can be in the field of apps/products such as toys adult products, new transportation systems , scanners, walking bars luggage and so one One cool example can be found on a wooden construction brick system developed by our Dutch designers