The Industrial Design Process

Before anything is released to the general market, it has to go through the industrial process. Nothing produced and marketed are spared the process and that process can mean years of analysis, testing and re-designing.

Take for example the mobile phone; any new model will have to go through a lot of processes before it actually hits the shelf. First there is a product design which will have to be translated into an actual and physical product called a prototype. That prototype has to go through a lot of testing before it goes through the ergonomic process which will study how that particular product design can benefit the end user as a human body. So if the design is not deemed healthy and beneficial to the end user, the industrial design process will have to be delayed for more corrections made on the product design.

All types and forms of resources are used through the whole process, including how the product design can affect the target consume in terms of work and home environment. So take for example the tests reveal that the mobile phone designed is not receiving signals as it should. There would have to be a lot of corrections made on the design itself to make sure that the gadget do receive the signal. Communication being the main goal, if the product fails in that, there has to be major reworking of the whole design.

Many think that with so many gadgets and stuff introduced to the general market today,  the whole industrial design process is instant. It is not. It can take years and millions of dollars before anything can be mass produced. The goal is to guarantee end user satisfaction so the manufacturer can make money.

 If somewhere along the line there is a disappointment or failure, there are more delays. So be happy with the mobile phone in your hand for a lot of man hours were spent to make it possible and credible.


Besides the fact that design cost a lot of time and resources, realize complicated products such as telephones cost a lof of initial investments in production technology. Is is recommended that a company , or a start up company investigates if they can outsource  these process to a good china injection mould company such as a daughter company of Triple-c ltd

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